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Founded in 2014, TTC-Group has sice been working as a collaborative group to assist large companies, SMEs, micro and start-ups.

Our group consists of several national and international companies. Our goal is to make our customers, partners’ operations, process management and security more efficient and secure. 

Each of our companies helps with it – its main activity and main profile is different. We work in the following areas of expertise: ISO9001 etc., management consulting, process optimization, coaching, fire protection, occupational safety, biogas plants, bio heating. 

We Work In The Following Field:

Let the professionals do the work for you!

You really have time to deal with the important things!

The support processes issued and their costs can be planned!


  • ISO9001: Knauf(A, BG, HU), Lasselsberger-Knauf, E.ON, Strabag, Mart Kft. Denso, Auras-2000 Kft. OMV (SK, HU).
  • ISO14001: Alstrom, Denkstatt Hungary
  • ISO5001: OMV
  • Audit: Knauf, OMV, E.ON, CapGemini.
  • Reengeneering, Coaching: Knauf, E.ON, Mart, Auras-2000 Kft, and more 140 companies 
  • Marketing: Bols, Archivverlag, Knauf, TTC-Group, Maggi, Budapest-Bank, KraftJacobsSuchard

Auras Impex (and ECC Srl. Romanian partner company)

  • MVM
  • Mercedes Romania
  • Kaufland
  • Penny and more 100 companies.  

If you would like to know more about this activity, contact us at one of our contact details!


Budapest 1152, Oroszlán utca 36.

+36 (1) 3060290

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